INPEs Data Cube: results and perspectives.
GEO Data Providers Workshop. Frascati, Italy, May 2018.

Machine learning techniques for for dense satellite image time series analysis.
INPE project meeting. June 2018..


e-sensing project status: 2017.
INPE project meeting. June 2017.


Data mining of remote sensing time series for land use change classification.
Department of Geoinformatics. Salzburg University, April 2016 (also presented at MapBiomas seminar, Brasilia, April 2016).

Satellite image time series analysis using time-weigthed dynamic time warping.
Workshop on TerraClass project. INPE, São José dos Campos, February 2016.


e-sensing project presentation.
FAPESP workshop on e-science program. São Paulo, December 2015.

Image Processing Division

National Institute for Space Research - Brazil

São Paulo Research Foundation

FAPESP Research Program in eScience