Conference presentations by e-sensing project


Using dynamic geospatial ontologies to support information extraction from big Earth observation data sets.
Gilberto Camara, Adeline Maciel, Victor Maus, Lubia Vinhas, Alber Sanchez. GIScience 2016 Conference, Montreal, September 2016..

WTSS: um serviço web para extração de séries temporais de imagens de sensoriamento remoto (WTSS: a web service for extraction of satellite image time series).
Gilberto Queiroz, Karine Ferreira, Lubia Vinhas, Gilberto Camara, Raphael Costa, Ricardo Souza, Alber Sanchez. 17th Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing (SBSR), 2015.

Towards a Spatial Data Infrastructure for Big Spatiotemporal Data Sets.
Karine Ferreira, Gilberto Queiroz, Lubia Vinhas, Gilberto Camara, Luiz Maurano, Ricardo Souza, Alber Sanchez. 17th Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing(SBSR), Joao Pessoa, 2015.

Classifying grasslands and cultivated pastures in the Brazilian Cerrado using support vector machines, multilayer perceptrons and autoencoders.
Wanderson Costa, Leila Fonseca, Thales Korting. 11th International Conference in Machine Learning, Hamburg,2015.

Combining time series features and data mining to detect land cover patterns: a case study in Northern Mato Grosso State, Brazil.
Alana Neves, Hugo Bendini, Thales Korting, Leila Fonseca. XVI Brazilian Symposium on GeoInformatics, Campos do Jordao, 2015.

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